Friday, April 5, 2013

Machine March Madness Final Four Outlook

Posted by Danny Tarlow
Once again, we have a guest post by Scott Turner, our local Machine March Madness competitor and analyst, who also runs Thanks for another great post, Scott!

The Machine March Madness Contest finds itself in peculiar waters this year -- no doubt because the Tournament is in strange waters itself. There is only a single team left alive from the twelve #1, #2, and #3 seeds. Going into the Final Four, only four brackets have their champion prediction left alive -- and all four have Louisville. In fact, only one bracket has anyone left alive other than Louisville -- and that's "Tim J's Nets for Nets", who has Syracuse to the final game (but losing to Ohio State). But despite the craziness in the Tournament this year, the top four predictors in the Machine March Madness Contest are in the top 5% of all brackets.

If Louisville manages to win out, the champion will be "Ryan's Rank 1 Approximation" with 121 points. He will beat out all the human competitors as well.

If Louisville loses in the final game, the champion will be "Predict the Madness" (tied with "Danny's Dangerous Picks"), with "Ryan's Rank 1 Approximation" and my own Prediction Machine both a single point behind.

If Louisville somehow loses to Wichita State and Syracuse beats Michigan, then "Tim J's Nets for Nets" will vault all the way from fifteenth into a tie for first with "Predict the Madness". If Syracuse loses to Michigan, then "Predict the Madness" will win outright.

It has certainly been a crazy year for the Tournament!

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