Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Final Stretch for Machine March Madness Predictions

Posted by Danny Tarlow
We're in the home stretch for this 2013 Machine March Madness competition, and it looks like this is going to be an exciting year. So far, 17 entrants have joined the Yahoo system, which makes it easily the most popular year yet, and I'm expecting at least a few more before the deadline tomorrow. It also sounds like there are some pretty sophisticated approaches in the works, so I'm excited to see how it all plays out. We should also have some fun baseline predictors to compare against, although if you have ideas about other non-algorithm brackets you'd like to see added, leave a note in the comments.

Once the brackets are locked in, I'll put up a post describing each of the competitors methodologies, and then we can ask some of the competitors to go into more detail.

Finally, if you are planning on competing, please make sure to read the instructions on the Google group to see how to enter, and remember to send me a brief description of your method. Good luck every person, and every machine.


Scott Turner said...

I heard you on NPR this morning, Danny. Nice job, although they only used about 5 seconds of your voice. Tell the reporter to call me, I'll give him better stuff than the rest of the guys he used :-)

Danny Tarlow said...

Haha, thanks. It's funny how a half hour conversation gets changed into a one minute snapshot, but I thought the overall piece was nice.

I'll send 'em your way next time I get the right chance.