Friday, April 6, 2012

Final 2012 Full-Bracket Results

Posted by Lee

Hopefully everyone had a chance to watch the exciting game between Kentucky and Kansas this past Monday. This post only covers the results of the full tournament bracket and not the second chance Sweet Sixteen bracket.

Here are the full standings, including ESPN analysts (E) and my own picks.

Jay Bilas (E)126
Lee's picks124
The Pain Machine122
Danny's Dangerous Picks117
By The Numbers104
Dick Vitale (E)102
Predict the Madness99
Ryan Boesch98

Great contest this year and congratulations to this year's winner, TheMatrixFactorizer! It not only won the full-bracket contest, it also squeezed past ESPN analyst Jay Bilas by a point. Once again, machines triumph over humans in our contest. I, for one, welcome our new March Madness predicting robot overlords.

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Scott Turner said...

I believe when I looked at the results that I had the most correct picks, and the most correct upset picks, so I'm going to have to settle for that this year. In the pre-tournament runs, the Pain Machine had Kentucky over Kansas in the final game by less than a point, which pushed that game into one of the forced upsets for the tournament. (After the first two rounds, Kansas's poor games had pushed it down enough that the PM didn't even pick Kansas to beat OSU -- and although they did, they probably shouldn't have.) Next year I plan to adjust the upset picking algorithm to weigh the upset picks by the negative consequences, which would prevent this pick. On the ESPN side I didn't force that upset pick and the PM ended at 99.6%. (Although still with some 27K entries ahead of it!)

Only two of the predictors out-performed the Baseline. I'm not sure whether that's a testimony to good seeding or indicative of something else. Also, I think that every year the contest has come down to picking the final game correctly. I can't decide if that's a good thing or a bad thing.

At any rate, a fun contest as always and thanks for hosting it! Maybe we can get a detailed postmortem from TheMatrixFactorizer...?