Monday, March 19, 2012

Second Chance Competition Announcement

Posted by Danny Tarlow
For all of you who didn't get your algorithms finished in time, and for all of the original competitors who'd like a fresh start, we're pleased to announce this year's "second chance" Sweet 16 contest.

This one will be run a little bit differently. For machines, the rules are all still the same. The difference is that there will now be a pool of human competitors in the mix -- Facebook friends and fans of our sponsor, a knee doctor who likes robots.

The prize pool for the second chance tournament will be $50 and $25 gift certificates for first and second place, respectively, and they will go to the top two entrants, whether they be human or computer.

If you want to participate as a human, you need to add Doctor Tarlow on Facebook and look for his announcement there. For those who wish to enter an algorithm, here are the instructions: That's it! Good luck to all the algorithmic competitors out there. I hope we can pull out a victory over those pesky humans.

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