Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Prizes and deadline reminder

Posted by Danny Tarlow
Now is the time to make a final push for getting your Machine March Madness algorithms tuned and running smoothly. Remember, submissions are due before tip-off of the first game on Thursday, but you probably want to get them in a little early, just to be safe.

I'm also pleased to announce the prizes: for the main competition, the winning algorithm's owner will get a $50 Amazon or Apple gift certificate, while second place will get a $25 one.

Also, for the "second chance" Sweet 16 contest, we will be hosting a humans versus computers contest, with our field of computers competing against Facebook friends and fans of our sponsor, a knee doctor who is into robotic-assisted surgery. The prize pool for the second chance tournament will also be $50/$25 gift certificates, but the prizes could go either to a human or computer.

If you want to participate as a human, you need to add Doctor Tarlow on Facebook, but if you're reading this blog, hopefully you'll enter an algorithm and participate on our team instead.

The human team has chosen the name, "Dr. T's Robot Powers". We'll need to come up with something better for our computer team. Ideas are welcome in the comments.

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