Sunday, March 11, 2012

Data for 2012

Posted by Lee

Selection Sunday! What a day! First we have a great post by Scott Turner on using RapidMiner. Then, the Selection Committee has set the seeding. Now, it's YOUR turn to predict who will win the 2012 NCAA Tournament.

There are two files you can download:

The includes everything from the beginning of the 2006 season up to and including the March 11, 2012 games. Please let us know if you find any issues with the data. One known issue is that some scores in the first file do not match the scores if you were to add up all the player scores from the player-level data. This is due to the fact that data we crawled is occasionally inconsistent in this regard and might be off by a few points.

The data format is as before for both files, except that the aggregate game data is now tab-separated. Please see aggregate game data schema and player-level data schema for details. Good luck!

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Scott Turner said...

Thanks as usual for pulling this together!