Sunday, April 10, 2011

Crawling Code

Posted by Lee

One of the contestants requested that I upload the code to crawl the boxscores. I have done so and it is available on github:

Note that Yahoo changed its format starting around March 10th and the code uses the flag to get the old boxscore format. It is unclear how long this option will remain available from Yahoo.

2011 Predictive Analytics Challenge Winner

Posted by Lee

We knew it would be a machine, but we didn't know which one until UConn's victory ensured The Pain Machine the title as winner of the 2011 March Madness Predictive Analytics Challenge! Congratulations to Scott Turner and his entry on the victory -- his second in a row! He will be receiving a $25 gift certificate to It doesn't sound like he'll be resting on his laurels as he's started a blog that will detail further development of his system.

Thank you to all the participants and entrants this year. We would love to know how you thought the contest went, how we can improve for next year, and any other feedback you might have! We look forward to your participation again next year!