Friday, March 18, 2011

Current Standings

Posted by Lee

I've opened up the Yahoo Group for anyone who wants to see the standings and the submitted brackets.

Remember that if you were not able to submit a bracket in time for the full tournament, you will have a second chance as we will run a Sweet Sixteen bracket as well. The Sweet Sixteen does not start until 3/24, so you have almost a week to tweak and get something working before then!

The first round of play is over and after 32 completed games, the baseline predictors are doing very well against the algorithms. I have pasted the full standings below (I realized after last year's tournament that Yahoo does not preserve the brackets and standings, so I will try to do a better job keeping track of them on the blog this year).

Rank Bracket R1 R2 R3 R4 Semis Finals Points Possible
1 Baseline (TrueSkill) 24         Ohio St. 24 185
2 Baseline (Higher Seed) 23         Ohio St. 23 184
2 Baseline (Nate Silver) 23         Ohio St. 23 184
2 Baseline (LRMC) 23         Ohio St. 23 182
2 Human (Lee) 23         Kansas 23 182
6 Point Differential Centrality 22         Ohio St. 22 153
7 Danny's Dangerous Picks 21         Duke 21 182
7 DukeRepeats 21         Duke 21 180
7 dirknbr1 21         Ohio St. 21 168
10 Team Delete Kernel 20         Ohio St. 20 181
10 InItToWinIt 20         Kansas 20 165
12 The Pain Machine 17         Kansas 17 174

I will be posting introductions of the various contenders over the course of this weekend. In the meantime, cheer on the algorithms... or human baselines - the higher seed and "Lee" - if you fear the machines! Enjoy the exciting set of games coming this weekend!

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