Sunday, February 13, 2011

NCAA Boxscore Data 2006-2010

Posted by Lee
All the boxscores from the 2006-2010 seasons (up until the first few days of February) are now available for download!

The format is specified in the last post (here). However, please note that the team codes now include an "UNK" which refers to a team that is not within the list of codes. These are often small teams either in non-Division 1 conferences or no longer in Division 1. UNK can map to multiple schools. Please let me know via the comments if this will pose any major problems. I could include the actual team name, but all of the "UNK" teams will not be in the tournament and it is likely that almost all the schools in the tournament will not have an "UNK" team in their regular season schedule.

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