Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Notes on Approximation Algorithms

Posted by Danny Tarlow
I'm enjoying reading notes from Shuchi Chawla's course at the University of Wisconsin, Madison on approximation algorithms for NP-hard optimization problems. There is a pdf available with scribe notes from all the courses, which makes for a very nice 170 page handbook:


sarath s said...

Hey danny,
this is not exactly a comment on your current post its more of a request.
well i am an undergraduate student from india who has recently discovered the wonders of machine learning and hope to purs ue research in this field,and have decided to do a machine learning project for my final year project.i have been looking into some publications for any cool ideas but nothing has struck.i don.t want to do any direct implementation of existing papers and ant to do something innovative.Do you know any websites i could checkout for inspiration and do you have any advices for me

Danny Tarlow said...

Hi Sarath,

That's great you're interested in machine learning--it's an exciting field. Finding a good research problem to work on is hard, especially for somebody new to the field: things are always changing, and most academics won't publicly post their best future research ideas, so it's unlikely that you'll find a great list of projects on any public website.

I like the spirit of wanting to do something new, though. Why don't you email me and tell me more about what part of machine learning appeals to you, and maybe something will come to mind.

Beyond that, I'd encourage you to keep reading papers that sound interesting, and whenever you have a thought of "why did they do that?" or "i wonder what would have happened if they did X instead?", note it down, think about it, and try to track down references that explain it. If you ever get to a point where there's no satisfactory answer, that's a good starting point for research. I'd also look for professors at your institution who have interests in related fields to see if you can get some brainstorming time with them.

sarath s said...

hey danny
so i have send you an email hope you've got it