Monday, July 20, 2009

Upcoming talks

Posted by Danny Tarlow
For those of you who think that my month in Europe is one big vacation... well, you're mostly right. However, I would like to remind you for the record, that I am doing a bit of work as well. Right now, I'm putting together slides for two upcoming talks:
  • I'll be speaking on July 23 at Microsoft Research in Cambridge on some recent work I've been doing on how to make max-product belief propagation tractable even in the case of non-local interactions. The title is tentatively, "Tractability in High Order Binary Factor Graphs".
  • I'll be co-presenting with Andrew Peterman on July 28 at the IBPSA conference on Building Simulation in Glasgow, talking about our paper, "Automatically Calibrating a Probabilistic Graphical Model of Building Energy Consumption."
I'll put some slides up publicly (and maybe write a bit about each project) sometime fairly soon, when the time is right.

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