Thursday, June 4, 2009

Organic rankings: online marketing update

Posted by Danny Tarlow
I wrote a few days ago about doing some online marketing for a rental home in Lake Oswego, OR (my hometown). Since I only registered the site a couple hours before I posted, there wasn't much to say about organic search engine results, and I actually expected that to be the case for several weeks. Nonetheless, being a good (read: compulsive) data collector, I've been tracking the site's rank in Google for several relevant keywords. Granted it's not the largest market in the world (Lake Oswego has a population of about 35,000), but I was still fairly surprised to see that we've cracked the top 100 Google results only four days after buying the domain. Organic traffic doesn't seem to have kicked in at all yet, but it's still pretty cool! Here are the charts. A rank of 100 means I didn't find it on the first ten pages of results:


Rolf Steier said...

Hi danny. I have a comment not about this particular post, although I'd love to see the results again in a week. You wrote an article some months ago about evaluating classrooms and teachers. I just read this article about an experiment to pay teachers $125,000 a year at a school. Maybe you'll find it interesting.

Danny Tarlow said...

Hey rolf. That's a pretty interesting article. They raise some great questions there that this experiment might start to answer, huh? Do you have any thoughts about it? I'd definitely swing by your blog to read more about it if you did.